Custom Built

DirectDevittCIC are a community interest company who specialize in all things comedy & creative! Founded by Award winning comedian Anna Devitt, we custom build and supply educational workshops and courses for people and businesses who love positive mind sets and creative learning!
We believe that everyone should have a giggle while learning new transferable skills.

Our Main Services.

Comedy & Confidence Scottish Qualifications Authority accredited Level 6 education courses.
Training Days (A lot more fun created and information retained if you have a custom build session – no more Power Point let’s get practical & Positive! )
Speaker(s) – Comedy Speakers/hosts for your events.
Motivational Team Building Days

Laughter Yoga Therapy

Laughter Yoga Therapy is a technique which contributes to a healthy well being. The top three benefits of Laughter  Yoga Therapy are :
Mentally - In a group it encourages positive interactions and acceptance.
Physically -  It’s good for you as your using muscles.
Emotionally – It releases, endorphins which create the feeling of happiness.
Laughter Yoga Therapy can be used as a teaching tool within any of the services.

Corporate Services.

Ready for a hilarious DirectDevittCIC interactive experience that motivates employees and improves teamwork? Our Comedy & Confidence Courses are fast-paced and will bond your team socially and empower them on the job.
Our courses improve communication while fostering essential skills like confidence, focus, trust, being present and making each other and your company look good.

FREE Advice Line.

Our friendly, experienced staff are on call to answer all your questions. We will consult with you to determine your needs and produce the ideal package for your team. Contact us today by phone or fill in the online form.

Courses & workshops to suit and inspire everyone.

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